For the first time... Has Ronaldo failed to leave his legacy in Juventus?

 For the first time... Has Ronaldo failed to leave his legacy in Juventus?

Cristiano Ronaldo is, without a doubt, one of the greatest players of all time. His cohabitation with Lionel Messi in the twenty-first century has added to and alienated his legacy, where every hint of one's brilliance leads to the obvious need to speak for the other.

Over time, it will be impossible to go back to the summer of 2021 without mentioning them both. When Messi left Barcelona to join Paris Saint-Germain, Cristiano quickly followed suit, leaving Juventus to join Manchester United, according to the Spanish newspaper, "Marca".

What is the legacy of Cristiano Ronaldo with Juventus?

In the end, although not something that would be allowed to go unanswered by some, Cristiano Ronaldo did not live up to expectations in Turin. Perhaps more accurately, while it would be silly to point the finger at the Portuguese and hold him fully responsible for Juve's decline in recent seasons, they are where they are now because of his signature. And that's about as bad as they were when he arrived.

Juventus signed Cristiano after seven consecutive talents. In that time, they also reached two Champions League finals in four years, the second of those who saw them defeat Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid, and the first against Barcelona Messi.

They didn't need the number 7 to win Serie A in Italy, as they had no problems there. He was signed to take them a step further in the Champions League, and they haven't even come close to a final since.

shortcomings of Europe

Cristiano's three years in Turin saw a lot of goals. In 134 matches, he managed to score 101 goals and 22 assists, which cannot be questioned or criticized.

In 2018/2019, Cristiano may have had his best moment as a Juventus player, after losing the round of 16 first leg of Atletico Madrid 2-0, the striker single-handedly sent Juventus with a three-legged return to turn the confrontation upside down. Then they fell in the quarter-finals against Ajax.

The following season saw their exit against Lyon in the round of 16, and they fell at the same stage in 2020/21 against Porto.

curb team

Cristiano cannot be blamed for the team's failures, but his presence in Turin has hampered Juventus, which is pointing the finger at Fabio Paratici.

After deducting taxes, the striker won 31 million euros in Italy, which made his pre-tax figure nearly double, in addition to the fees of more than 100 million euros paid by the management, in order to obtain his signature from Real Madrid.

 It would have been better to spend those sums elsewhere. Juventus' midfield has crumbled and faded in the past few seasons, so Cristiano's money could have been invested in strengthening there rather than attacking, as they don't need a boost.

Paulo Dybala's career did not develop as dramatically as he would have liked it, but he showed signs of his former form in Cristiano's opening match of the Juventus season in Udinese, with curiosity watching the Portuguese from the bench. Even Gonzalo Iguaín's career was derailed and he now found himself in the MLS, after being loaned to both Milan and Chelsea, despite being the best striker in the Italian league, before being eliminated so that Juventus could absorb Cristiano.

Success off the field

The Juventus brand benefited from the signing of Cristiano, and in 2021, this cannot be overlooked. They developed their image on social media and were able to increase income from the companies "Adidas" and "Jeep", as a result of his presence in the club.

Now that he's officially gone to Manchester United, those followers, temporary fans and sponsorship deals are likely to go with him.

The Portuguese leaves Juventus without the Champions League trophy that he signed. The most condemnable matter now, and for the first time in a decade, Juve found himself without the “Calcio” title, which was hijacked by Inter last season, so did Ronaldo leave a legacy with the “old lady”?